Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wow, a million bucks

This guy who runs the Million Dollar Homepage is actually pretty close to his goal of raising a million bucks. As of right now he's at $828,200. Evidently he got a lot of press in November (including the Wall Street Journal) and the spillover should carry him over the $1M mark. It's obviously a fad marketing scheme, but it's still a pretty impressive accomplishment. What got him going was that the local media in England picked up on the story and he was able to shape that exposure into a snowball of publicity. Obvoius: any revolution in the world will have to use the media.


hillary said...

It's kind of beautiful. Not the concept. The thing itself.

mattbucher said...

He's already kind of snobbishly predicted that one day it will end up in an art gallery. It is mesmerizing because it is entirely impossible that this particular grouping of pixels would be produced in any other fashion except for the one he has achieved.

Anonymous said...

We dropped $200 on 200 pixels on the Million Dollar Homepage just for the pagerank. He's currently got a pagerank of 7 and for $200 that was worth it. As far as traffic goes we're getting maybe 4 clicks a day from it to our MP3Board.com site which is a bonus because we weren't expecting to get any.