Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dallas Nightclubs

Here are some of the Dallas Nightclubs I am researching. I'm looking for addresses, ownership history, years of existence, and notable stories. A lot of this information is available online, but I'm interested in any firsthand accounts. If you have any information about any of these nightclubs, please contact me at

Carousel Club
Colony Club
Theater Lounge
Egyptian Lounge
University Club
Eddie's Room
Top O' The Hill Club
Silver Spur
Longhorn Ranch Club
Vegas Club
Cipango Club
Chez Maurice
Sky-Vu Club
Four Duces
Cellar Club
Main Street Club
Variety Club
Alibi Club
Atmosphere Club
Sky Club

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I haven't done anything with this blog in years, but I'm glad it still exists. It's like a snapshot of where I was on the web in 2005-2007.

There are several posts I still return to and several that rank high in google results.

One of my favorites is this post about pre-decimal British currency:

Check out this comment there:
I have never seen the expression sprowsie or sprazzie for a sixpence anywhere but in Down and Out in London and Paris except a useage by my Grandfather and in a 1950s radio episode of the Glums (Jimmy Edwards, Dick Bentley and June Whitfield) When Ron (Barker) had a "Sprazzie" up his nose. The BBC published the scripts in the 1970s and released a recording of the show. As the show was written by Frank Muir and Denis Nordon and Muir is from East Kent (as I am) I suspect that it is a Kentish expression, not a cockney one.

I also still get a lot of interest in Bennie Bickers.

Some day I hope to complete my research into the nightclubs of Dallas, 1930-1960. I might use this blog exclusively for posting information on that front.