Thursday, January 20, 2011


I haven't done anything with this blog in years, but I'm glad it still exists. It's like a snapshot of where I was on the web in 2005-2007.

There are several posts I still return to and several that rank high in google results.

One of my favorites is this post about pre-decimal British currency:

Check out this comment there:
I have never seen the expression sprowsie or sprazzie for a sixpence anywhere but in Down and Out in London and Paris except a useage by my Grandfather and in a 1950s radio episode of the Glums (Jimmy Edwards, Dick Bentley and June Whitfield) When Ron (Barker) had a "Sprazzie" up his nose. The BBC published the scripts in the 1970s and released a recording of the show. As the show was written by Frank Muir and Denis Nordon and Muir is from East Kent (as I am) I suspect that it is a Kentish expression, not a cockney one.

I also still get a lot of interest in Bennie Bickers.

Some day I hope to complete my research into the nightclubs of Dallas, 1930-1960. I might use this blog exclusively for posting information on that front.

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