Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Trip to the antique store

Dr. Monkey
Originally uploaded by mattbucher.

Went to this cool antique store during the holidays and saw everything from a human skull to a Kenny Rogers photo montage.


Anonymous said...

or...kenny rogers' skull. so if I had a start-up million or two, I'd be putting celebrity skulls under contract this afternoon for posthumous auction online.

I'd sign Charles Grodin: For the hardcore fan.
Tawny Kitane: For the frat house mantle.
Bear Bryant: See our ad in SI!
Soleil Moon Frye: Exquisitely restored for the discerning pervert.
Benji: WIth certificate of authenticity and accompanying Precious Moments figurine!
Baudrillard: Spice up your next faculty cocktail party.

No matter who you are, we have a skull that will appeal to your taste and won't break your budget!

Yuncxy Beavhead said...

My state in number one in reducing child poverty.

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