Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The winningest franchise in sports history

Tonight I'm heading up to that cathedral in the Bronx, the Vatican of Baseball, to welcome home the Yanks from a brutal road trip. Last Friday night must be the low point of the season for them: they played awful and heartless, practically conceding to the Cardinals before the first pitch of the game. It will be interesting to see what moves the Yankees make before the trading deadline (or even before the All-star break). Most now think that Tony Womack should go (although his speed will be missed) since he has been replaced by the cheaper and younger Robinson Cano at second base. Hopefully Jaret Wright will be back soon, although I wouldn't put it past Steinbrenner to go after another starter. I do think Yankees fans will be up in arms if they try to trade Cano or Chien-Ming Wang.

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mattbucher said...

By the way, the Yankees won 9-0. Mussina pitched a complete game shutout and Matsui homered on the first pitch he saw. And it was hot: 88 degrees all night long.