Friday, June 03, 2005


Evidently, I am mainly using this blog to keep track of my celebrity sightings. Fine. However, this past weekend NYC hosted Book Expo America, and since I didn't really need to be around our booth too much on Saturday, I went trolling the floor, looking for even more celebrity/"author" sightings.

Thursday evening, on our way to the BookForum party at Opus 22, we saw Malcolm Gladwell and his hair eating outside at Pastis. It's pretty much the same table where last year we saw Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal having brunch with their parents.

Friday, at the NY Historical Society, Suzanne Vega, Joe Queenan, Philip Lopate, and other geezers were in the house to celebrate the publication of this book.

Saturday, at the Javits Center, I saw Mike Wallace leaving with his publicist, looking waaay too tan for 80 years old. Also: Dana Reeve being interviewed about her husband, Major Owens by himself and lost, Andrew Vachss signing autographs with his eyepatch on, Benjamin Franklin, Tom Wolfe in a stained white suit, Nick Hornby being mistaken for Michael Cunningham, Larry Kirshbaum and Jonathan Karp walking the aisles, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, Raj from The Apprentice sipping a martini for a photo-op, and Peter Bogdanovich in full costume.

Saturday night, at the PGW party, it was all about the John Spencer Blues Explosion.

The New York Times stoops to actually discussing the books at the show here.

If you scroll through the spam, there are some author photos here.

I saw one booth that had a book titled "Why Men Love Bitches" right next to one titled "Pregnancy Sucks".

2000 booths, 30,000 attendees, hundreds of parties: the whole experience was pretty overwhelming.

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hillary said...

Please tell me Bogdanovich and Wolfe were walking drunkenly with their arms around each others' shoulders. That is a picture I can get in my head.