Tuesday, May 16, 2006

According to iTunes...

Whenever we leave the house for a couple of hours we try to turn on the iTunes so that our dog doesn't get too lonely. She prefers softer stuff like Beth Orton, Elliot Smith, and some jazz and classical, but lately I've turned on some audiobooks of John Updike short stories. According to iTunes play count, she's heard the story "Killing" twenty times now. So, if she's feeling a bit melancholy or restless, I try to remember this and wonder what she thinks of marriage now.

What does your dog listen to?


Lee said...


This comment is not about this posting but I could not find you at another place. I just wanted to thank you for your posting at Metafilter about author Gilbert Sorrentino. His work was amazing. And you are correct in that I can not find anything on the web about his passing. He will be missed.


mattbucher said...

Thanks--that's very nice of you. I first read Sorrentino at the urging of a guy who'd studied with him at Stanford. I tried Mulligan Stew and couldn't get into it, but then I picked up Imaginitive Qualities and I was hooked. I recall reading something about Sorrentino moving back to Brooklyn after a forty year absence or something and I presume that he died in NYC, but I still can't find an official obit.

My email is mattbucher at gmail dot com, btw.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thought on that one. I think I heard something similar the other day on another board. I can't remember where though. Web 2.0

staggernation said...

You don't think the Elliott Smith might contribute to the melancholy?

Dude stabbed himself in the chest. I didn't even know that was an option.