Monday, August 08, 2005

Still Getting Used to Seeing "News" Stories Like This

"A local community library has been dealing with censorship questions. At issue: a magazine targeted toward homosexuals and whether it should be pulled from the shelves of the Wells Branch Community Library.
Library officials say they received a complaint about the magazine "Out.""

""The magazine's not coming out of the library. I would like to see them put in a place where minors don't have access, so it's up to parents. Do I want my child looking at magazines promoting homosexuality or not?" said Phil Pringle, Wells Branch Community Library Board member."

They want to treat "Out" magazine as a porno. Contrast this to my previous place of residence (NYC's West Village) where our State Representative was an openly gay woman and our State Senator is HIV positive. Suffice it to say that no one in Greenwich Village was pushing to get "Out" pulled from the library. In fact, part of my job at NYU was working with Out in placing ads for our books and renting their mailing lists. The gay rights movement has much to accomplish in Texas--even in Austin.

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