Thursday, July 14, 2005

In Austin

Well, we are all moved in to our new place in Austin, but we don't have the internet connection set-up yet. The earliest Time Warner could promise us is Tuesday of next week. In the meantime we are using these public computers in the main building of our apartment complex. Also, we're quickly realizing that we can barely do anything here without a Texas driver's license or a 512 phone number.

It's raining like crazy here today.


mbrawner said...

I hope you don't mean they're not letting you into bars with your NY license...!

David R. Remer said...

Welcome to Texas. I am David Remer, a writer for I live about 2/3 of the way from Austin to San Antonio, in the Hill Country, due West of New Braunfels. If I had to live in a city, Austin would be the one.

Hope you enjoy your time here. Lots more liberals in Austin than in my neck of the woods, but, someone has to be a token around here.

mattbucher said...

At least you've got some good bratwurst (and tourists like me going to Schlitterbahn) out there in New Braunfels. Stay strong, token brotha.

Thanks for dropping by the site, btw.