Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Books on the nightstand

Some people only read one book at a time, but I try to read four or five books simultaneously and see what grabs me that day. Usually I try to read one new novel, one nonfiction book, a classic (as I define it), and something I've already read.

Diamonds are Forever, by Ian Fleming
I'm a big fan of the James Bond novels, but I haven't even seen most of the films. When Penguin reissued all of the James Bond novels with these awesome new covers I had to get them.

New York Sawed in Half, by Joel Rose
This type of stuff is my #1 or 2 interest right now. I want to read anyting about the history of Times Square, Coney Island, PT Barnum, Ricky Jay, magicians, hoaxes, charlatans, Steven Millhauser, etc.

I Know Many Songs, But I Cannot Sing, by Brian Kiteley
My former teacher at Denver. I've read this like five times, but friends of ours just got back from Morocco and I was hyped up by hearing all of their stories so I went back and read three or four North African favorites (Paul Bowles, Amitav Ghosh, Tayeb Salih, pretty much all stuff I learned about from Brian Kiteley.)

A Working Stiff's Manifesto, by Iain Levison
No comment

Pig Earth, by John Berger
No clue. Found it when we were cleaning out the basement. Might not read it in the long run as I've got Vollmann's new one coming in tomorrow.

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hillary said...

This is how Mr. Brown goes about reading. I am obsessively focused, on the other hand. The only reason I would have two books going at once is because of a class I'm taking (1 for class; 1 for leisure). I do have to interrupt for The New Yorker, but that's as far as I can go.